You're the Best, Dad

You're the Best, Dad

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Celebrate the best dad with the "You're the Best, Dad" bundle, a premium selection designed to honor his importance in your life. This bundle includes a premium cigar, a bottle of Iron Smoke Casket Strength Bourbon Whiskey, and a sturdy mechanic rag. It's the ultimate way to show your dad that he truly is the best, with high-quality items that reflect his exceptional character and the special bond you share.


  • 1 x Cigar
  • Iron Smoke Casket Strength Bourbon Whiskey
  • Mechanic Rag

Every Father’s Day bundle purchase includes an electronic copy of our Father’s Day Conversation Starters. We hope you enjoy a glass of Iron Smoke with your Dad while you make memories and share stories that last a lifetime.

After your purchase, look for a follow-up email with our downloadable “dad document."



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